Thrive Tahoe is organized around one simple idea – the deep relationships a community can foster are the most important ingredient to both success and happiness in life.

The early stages of a company’s development are messy, crazy,  fun and fulfilling. Founding teams need a support network as they navigate through learning cycles tied to find a problem that is worth solving and then building a company around solving the problem.

Launching a startup isn’t easy, heck, life isn’t easy. If we all rally behind each other, we can accomplish amazing things together. We live in the most beautiful area of the country, let’s work together to build aspiring business ventures.

Startup Weekend Tahoe – Epic!

SWTahoe Winning Team – LendSnap

LendSnap logoLendSnap is the first platform that aggregates borrowers’ financial data and uses it to automatically complete mortgage applications. We provide banks with a customized interface where the consumer can link their accounts to automatically fill out the application and provide qualifying docs. This frees lending agents to contact more leads and increases conversion rates.

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  1. Reno-Tahoe Drupal Meetup

    May 8 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm